Coming up on Connections: Friday, January 11

Jan 11, 2019

First hour: Should journalists change the way they cover political campaigns?

Second hour: How to engage in dialogue with the opposition

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen is challenging journalists to change the way they cover political campaigns. Rosen writes that voters care about actual issues that impact their lives; meanwhile, he sees journalists becoming addicted to polls – who's up, who's down, the so-called "horse race." Rosen wants reporters to essentially abandon polling coverage, and to stop analyzing whether something someone said could impact so-and-so's campaign. Our guests discuss it:

  • Jeremy Moule, staff writer for City Newspaper
  • Tianna Manon, editor-in-chief of Open Mic Rochester, and freelance reporter for WXXI News
  • Adam Chodak, anchor and managing editor for WROC-TV

Then in our second hour, after surveying the events of the last week and the dialogue surrounding those events, local broadcaster Scott Fitzgerald wrote, "I’m surprised at how some of my progressive friends have suppressed the opposition on threads. Subject matter aside, if you ever want the progressive movement to gain mainstream traction, please engage in dialogue with the opposition." At Connections, we've received a number of emails from listeners who want us to hear this out further, so we'll do so. Our guests:

  • Scott Fitzgerald, owner of Roc Vox recording and production
  • Colin Coffey, small business owner