Coming up on Connections: Friday, April 7th

Apr 7, 2017

First hour: Candidates for Rochester City Council, part 1

Second hour: One Take Film Festival

There are 12 candidates for Rochester City Council's at-large seats this year. We plan to interview them all, and we'll do it in groups of three. It's our chance to hear from candidates about how they would seek to improve the city -- poverty, economy, and much more. Our guests:

  • Mary Lupien
  • Shawn Dunwoody
  • Willie Joe Lightfoot

Then in our second hour, the One Take Film Festival is coming. It's a celebration of documentary films, education, art, music, food, and empowerment. We'll talk to filmmakers about their work, and learn about the origins of this festival. Our guests:

  • Linda Moroney, director and programmer for the One Take Film Festival, and producer of The Last Dalai Lama?
  • Bri Merkel, special events manager for The Little Theatre
  • Jennifer Brea, director and subject of Unrest