Coming up on Connections: Friday, April 16

Apr 16, 2021

Credit Brett Dahlberg

First hour: Restaurants opening up, but struggling to fill shifts

Second hour: The debate over the High Acres Landfill

Restaurants can't find enough people to fill shifts: servers, front of house, back of house. Owners say that former employees are reluctant to give up unemployment benefits that run through August. Meanwhile, restaurants and bars can stay open until midnight, and more vaccinated clientele are ready to go out to eat and drink. So what happens next? Our guests:

  • Kelly Metras, owner of Salena's and Nox, and chapter president of the NYS Restaurant Association
  • Art Rogers, owner and chef of Lento
  • Jonathan Swan, owner of the Swan family of restaurants
  • Jes Scannell, director of Career Empowerment Initiatives at Foodlink

Then in our second hour, the High Acres Landfill in Perinton is the source of plenty of garbage, both from the Rochester region and beyond. It's the source of powerful odors. And now it's the source of a new controversy. The Town of Perinton is working on a new deal with Waste Management, but residents are split about what that deal should include. Town leaders want a reduction in the amount of trash brought in by rail from New York City. Local residents want no more New York City trash, and more control and communication regarding conditions, smell, and size. Our guests include:

  • Jen Lunsford, member of the New York State Assembly
  • Julie Domaratz, mayor of the Village of Fairport
  • Gary McNeil, president of Fresh Air for the Eastside

Note: Waste Management declined to join the conversation. Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna said his schedule would not permit him to participate.