Coming up on Connections: Friday, April 12

Apr 12, 2019

Credit wnyc.org

First hour: How should potential wealth from legalized marijuana be distributed?

Second hour: Discussing bias in determining which students are gifted

If New York State legalizes marijuana, Governor Cuomo says the profits should go largely to communities that have been disproportionately impacted by arrests and incarceration. So how can that be assured? We’ll it explore it with our guests:

  • Mohini Sharma, lead organizer at Metro Justice
  • Robert Hoggard, board member for Metro Justice
  • Mary Kruger, executive director of Roc NORML
  • Steve VanDeWalle, deputy chief of Roc NORML

Then in our second hour, how do educators determine which students are gifted? Are there biases that come into play? We examine those questions with Dr. Donna Ford of Vanderbilt University. She’s in town as a guest of Nazareth College, where she’ll give a presentation about culturally responsive gifted education. But first, she’s our guest on Connections.