Coalition pushes for more funding for public transportation

Nov 19, 2018

Credit Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

A new coalition has been launched with the goal of a 50 percent increase in public transit funding over the next five years.

CEO of Regional Transit Service, Bill Carpenter, is part of the group calling itself "New Yorkers for Better Public Transit."

He says millions of New Yorkers rely on the service of transit operators across the state on a daily basis.

"We have so many people that we speak with that say we want better transit, what can we do.  Transit connects people to jobs, to health care, to education, to the grocery store to the retail store, and people want more and better transit," he said.

Carpenter says significant investment is needed across the state to help support the economic growth in New York and provide customers what they are looking for.

"Every dollar invested in public transit translates to four dollars of economic growth.  We drive people to work, we drive people to school, we drive people to retail.  So it's a significant supporter for economic development," he said.

The coalition has launched a petition drive at the website NYbettertransit.com.

Carpenter says they're looking for 10,000 signatures so when they go to Albany in the spring to fight for their share of state funding, lawmakers will realize that there is a very loud and consistent voice for public transit.