Climate group wants to help "Reimagine RTS"

Dec 4, 2017

Environmental advocates are calling for more climate friendly transportation options in Rochester.

The Rochester People's Climate Coalition is holding a public forum Tuesday night to generate ideas that will contribute to the ongoing “Reimagine RTS” campaign.

Heather O’Donnell is with the Climate Coalition, she said the best way to get more people on the busses and out of their cars is more reliable service.

"More predictable, more regular. So that somebody could go out to a bus stop and know that they don’t have to check an hour ahead of time for the strange schedule that sometimes comes in irregular intervals."

The group says the RTS should commit to a 100% electric fleet by 2027, and is discouraging more routes from being added.

"This is something that can really help environmentally with sustainability. It can reinvigorate the downtown areas, it can help Rochester."

O’Donnell said they don’t want to leave people out, but in the long term it’s about city planning, and what areas that energy should be focused on.

The meeting is Tuesday night at 6:30pm at the Workers United Building, 750 East Avenue.