Cephas Archie, former diversity officer in Brockport, hired by the City of Rochester

May 5, 2020

Credit College at Brockport

Cephas Archie, the former Chief Diversity Officer at the College at Brockport has been hired by the City of Rochester to be its Chief Equity Officer.

Archie’s firing in January from the Brockport position created an uproar on campus, including criticism from Mayor Lovely Warren who had said at the time that it was “unfortunate when the people that work toward diversity and inclusion across the collegiate spectrum also face it themselves.”

Brockport did not detail reasons for Archie’s firing, saying that it could not comment on personnel matters, but affirmed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

A statement from the city’s Communications Director, Justin Roj, said that the city is mandated by state and federal law to have a manager oversee its Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action programs.

Roj said that Archie’s hiring fills that role after his predecessor accepted a promotion. His start date was April 27, and Roj said that Archie was offered his position on March 4, prior to the start of the COVID-19 crisis locally.

Roj called Archie, “A recognized leader in his field, and said, “We welcome him to city government to help us and our residents build a more just and equitable community.

The Chancellor of the SUNY system, Kristina Johnson, visited Brockport in March and also met with Mayor Warren. Johnson talked about a five-point plan at Brockport to address race issues.