Canadian company looking to move North American HQ to Rochester

Sep 22, 2021

Credit packsmartinc.com

Pack-Smart, a Toronto-based company, is getting ready to move operations into Rochester. The company will also make changes to a building already developed for some high-tech businesses.

Pack-Smart manufactures hardware and software used in applications that help provide security to a variety of businesses in the pharmaceutical, e-commerce and telecom industries.

Pack-Smart’s plans include moving its North American headquarters into the Lake Avenue building now occupied by AIM Photonics.

A local consultant for Pack-Smart, Paul Tolley, said the company hopes to move into that building will spur further involvement by optics and photonics companies

“Where companies can come in and leverage the really great infrastructure that’s here, particularly the clean rooms,” said Tolley. “So they’ll be attracting semiconductor companies, optics and photonics companies. “

Pack-Smart is also planning to put a manufacturing operation into a building located near the Rochester Airport. The company said that operation would create about 50 jobs, and the Lake Avenue project would create around 16 positions. AIM Photonics would remain a tenant in the Lake Avenue building under the ownership of that buidilng by Pack-Smart.

Monroe County’s economic development agency, COMIDA, approved some of the incentives requested by Pack-Smart for the acquisition and development of the Lake Avenue building. Other incentives, for the building near the airport are still pending

Tolley said the move by the company to Rochester is also pending some incentives requested from New York state.