Blue-Green Algae Closes Beach for Swimming on Honeoye Lake

Aug 5, 2016

Credit Ontario County Public Health Department

Swimmers looking to beat the heat at Sandy Bottom Beach on Honeoye Lake will have to look elsewhere.

The presence of blue-green algae in the lake has closed the beach for swimming, according to the Ontario County Public Health Department. It will remain closed until the New York State Department of Health clears the area for swimming, officials said.

Some blue-green algae produce toxins that can put people and animals at risk for health problems, such as allergic reactions and skin irritation. Ingesting large amounts of water containing the toxins has caused liver and nervous system damage, health officials said.

The department advises avoiding contact with water that has scum on the surface or is discolored blue-green, yellow, brown or red. If contact does occur, wash with soap and water or rinse with clean water.

For updated information on the beach closure, go to the town of Richmond’s website at townofrichmond.org