Bloomfield High Students Headed to Cuba

Dec 12, 2016

Credit bloomfieldcsd.org

A group of Bloomfield High School students are getting ready for an eight day adventure -- in Cuba.

18 juniors and seniors from Bloomfield High's International Baccalaureate Creativity, Activity and Service Program, will be joined by a handful of school staff for the trip the day after Christmas.

Counselor Felice Prindle says they'll be focusing on the culture there, but they'll also be taking part in an ecological service project at a nature preserve.

"Certainly they'll be able to take in the sights because they'll be there. But they are doing a lot of work, and the times they are not doing work on the service project, they're participating in really genuine cultural immersion activities," she said.

Prindle says that includes a musical exchange, salsa dance lessons, fishing with local fisherman, and preparing a meal alongside them.

She says going to Cuba shortly after the death of Fidel Castro is the perfect time.

"Students are really going to see what could be the closing of a chapter on both fronts.  It follows the death of Fidel Castro and they are going to be able to have some pretty enriched conversations with the people of Cuba," she said. "They are really going to be out of their comfort zone, so they will experience things both physically and emotionally that they have yet to experience in their 17 or 18 years on the planet."

The Bloomfield students and staff head to Cuba December 26th and return January 2nd.