Bishop Calls on Spiritus Christi to Reconsider Possible Ordination of Women

Rochester, NY – The Roman Catholic Bishop of Rochester -- Mathew Clark -- hopes the breakaway Spiritus Christi congregation will reconsider its move towards ordaining women as priests. Both Ramerman and Denise Donato feel called to the priesthood. Donato says her call has come over many years, but she ignored it until recently because of her catholic upbringing. Because it's left the Roman Catholic hierarchy, Spiritus Christi has no bishops who ordain priests by the laying on of hands. Donato says the early church called its own leaders in the days before there were bishops. She says the question of when and how to ordain new priests will have to be settled by the congregation. The Catholic Church declared Spiritus Christi to be excommunicated by its actions. Bishop Clark says he hopes Spiritus Christi will reconsider the issue of ordaining women and to come back to the Roman Catholic family. He also says reconciliation is a slim possibility. The Bishop says Spiritus Christi should stop claiming to be part of the Roman Catholic faith communion, by virtue of the fact that they reject a relationship with Him and Pope John Paul the Second. He says it's hard to bring reconciliation to a relationship where one side says there's been no harm done. Meanwhile, the Reverend Jim Callan says the step of ordaining women is a big one, but consistent with the path Spiritus Christi has followed since breaking with the Vatican more than two years ago.