Bat McGrath has another Rochester appearance scheduled

Apr 19, 2019

Credit WXXI News

McGrath will be back in town  to perform at the Lovin’ Cup in Henrietta.

McGrath says he was told by a doctor last December he’d have only months to live. McGrath, who now lives in Nashville, has decided not to undergo treatment for cancer.

And he says he really does just take things as they come, so when the owners of the Lovin’ Cup said they would keep his regular appearance in April open for him, McGrath says he was feeling pretty good, so he’s agreed to perform on Saturday, April 27.

“Outside of my wife and living up in the woods, the only other thing I really enjoy or that fulfills me, is playing, writing and playing, so as long as I’ve got some time to live, if I can play, then that’s what I’m going to do,” McGrath told WXXI News.

The April 27 appearance at the Lovin’ Cup is nearly sold out.

In past years  Bat McGrath has also played at that venue in October. He’s not making any commitments right now, he said that  it might be too much to wish for, but as McGrath put it, “We’ll see what happens.”

McGrath has just completed a new album.  He’ll be at an event at the House of Guitars in Irondequoit on Friday evening, April 26, to celebrate the release of that album.