Barnhart says she'll support Morelle in bid for Congress

Jun 27, 2018

After losing to him in the Democratic primary, former television journalist Rachel Barnhart says she will support Joe Morelle in the general election.

Credit Rachel Barnhart

At the Village Gate on Goodman Street in Rochester, a bar full of people turned out to support Barnhart. This was her third bid for public office, but her message was consistent: In each race, she has campaigned on her record of holding government accountable and being the underdog taking on establishment candidates.

Unfortunately for the Barnhart campaign, in each race, she has lost to the establishment candidate.

In her concession speech, Barnhart said she was not surprised by the results.

"This is what it’s like to run against the party machine, someone who raises an awful lot of money from corporations and lobbyists," she said. "It’s a system I want to work to dismantle, and I will continue those efforts."

Barnhart also blamed a short campaign and low voter turnout for the defeat.

Still, she says with the primary behind her, she will support Morelle in his campaign for Congress in the 25th District.

As for what happens next, Barnhart says she will continue to focus on her nonprofit, Rochester For All, and she leaves the question of whether she will run for another office unanswered.