Barakah Muslim Charity hosts monthly food giveaways

Feb 2, 2019

Credit Bartosz Wacawski / freeimages.com

A food giveaway that was held on Saturday in Rochester hopes to help food insecure people through these bitter cold days of winter.

The Barakah Muslim Charity collaborates with Foodlink to provide the free groceries. The organization hosts these giveaways on the first Saturday of every month.

Jeremy Cooney volunteers with the charity and says the poor population is often unheard, and events like these can help bridge the gap between the poor and the wealthy in our community.

"Quite frankly I think we could do with one less expensive study, and more of our community members volunteering and talking with the poor population."

Cooney says they see about 150 people from all over Monroe County at their monthly events which is set up like a mini grocery store.

"That’s a significant population that is feeling loved and feeling heard and feeling welcome. I grew up in Rochester. You could go your whole life in Rochester without seeing the devastating effects of poverty in our own community. And this is one way of giving back and making our neighbors feel heard."

Credit Barakah Muslim Charity

He says the events are not affiliated with any government programs or religious service but it’s a good representation of how the Muslim community can serve Rochester.

This weekend’s event took place at the Barakah Muslim Charity location at 584 Jefferson Avenue.