Award-Winning Journalist & Former NPR Host Michele Norris Uncovers America's Attitudes About Race

Mar 24, 2016

Award-winning journalist & former NPR host, Michele Norris
Credit Courtesy Photo

Her voice is a familiar one for public radio listeners, but her request may be an uncomfortable one for many. Distill your questions, experiences, hardships, and dreams about race and identity in six words. Award-winning journalist and former NPR host, Michele Norris on coming face-to-face with race in America on this edition of Need to Know.

Also on the show, Michele Norris’s Race Card Project recently visited Nazareth College. We’ll learn how the college is taking an active approach to race relations among students and faculty.

Check out The Race Card Project submissions collected by Assistant Professor Leah Stacy’s Digital Media class at Nazareth College.