Autism Awareness Month

Apr 2, 2015

Dr. Susan Hyman and staff members at Golisano's Children's Hospital
Credit Alex Crichton

Autism spectrum disorder affects about 1 in 68 children now, but health officials are emphasizing that while there's no one known cause, it can be diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Susan Hyman is professor of pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital and Division Chief of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

She and staff members were answering questions about autism at an information table set up at the hospital.

Dr. Hyman says they've been working hard to make parents, teachers and other health care professionals aware of the warning signs.

She says they call it autism spectrum disorder because while it's one disorder, it looks different in every single child.

Dr. Hyman adds they're also emphasizing that autism can be diagnosed, and the symptoms can be treated.

Here’s a video of Dr. Hyman and staff members offering information about autism to the general public at Golisano’s Children Hospital: