Area Highway Crews Work To Keep Ahead Of The Storm

Feb 16, 2016

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

They haven't had a whole lot of practice this winter, but area highway crews say they are ready with personnel and equipment to deal with today's snow storm.

At the salt barn at the City of Rochester Operations facility on Mount Read Boulevard early Tuesday morning, it was a constant stream of front end loaders, piling salt into the trucks that will spread the stuff on roads all over town.

Rochester Director of Operations Karen St. Aubin says the main roads are open, and crews were working hard to keep up with the storm.

"We’re continuing to put more vehicles out there, but the city streets are open and they've been open, as soon as it started to snow, we started treating"

It's a challenge for drivers all over our region today, all of the area highway departments are busy, including in Brighton, where Public Works Commissioner Tim Keef asks drivers to give his plow trucks plenty of room to do their job,

"They're out there doing a service , we're probably plowing at 25, 30 miles an hour , you'll get where you want to go, you just have to have a little bit of patience"

In the city of Rochester, public works officials ask you to try and follow the parking regulations, especially alternate side of the street rules, so the plows can get down the city streets.