Area federal representatives and state officials react to the State of the Union address

Feb 6, 2019

Credit www.visitthecapitol.gov

Area Congressional representatives, and state officials have been weighing in on President Trump’s State of the Union Address, with their comments generally falling along expected party lines.

25th District Congressman Joe Morelle, a Democrat from Irondequoit who was first elected to that position last fall, said that:

“I am appreciative of the President’s call for a renewed spirit of unity and cooperation, which are necessary to address the challenges that lie ahead of us. However, the President clearly fails to understand that you cannot achieve unity while advancing an agenda that further inflames political divisions, stigmatizes our differences, and altogether bypasses the will of the American people.

Coming on the heels of the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history, this address was a missed opportunity to begin building a bridge back to the American people. Instead, the President continues to advocate for the building of a wall – a wall that further isolates him from the middle class needs he continuously disregards.

“While I am encouraged by the President’s desire to advance a paid family leave policy and am hopeful that we can indeed begin to work together to rebuild our nation’s deteriorating roads, bridges and schools, on the whole this address failed to detail a comprehensive agenda that addresses the complex issues we face.  What we need are bold ideas to ensure access to quality, affordable healthcare for every person, to protect the promise of Social Security and Medicare for future generations, to expand economic opportunity for our hardworking families, and to stop the devastating and perpetual cycle of gun violence.

Ultimately, the President’s address only served to further showcase his disturbing world that is divorced from the realities that are confronting everyday, hard-working Americans. That is why in the President’s absence, my colleagues and I in the House will continue to provide the leadership the American people need and deserve."

23rd District Congressman Tom Reed, a Republican from Corning : 

“With a soaring economy and a restored leadership around the globe, President Trump highlighted the once in a generation opportunity our country holds to work together to pass laws that help people.

Many of the priorities the President laid out, such as rebuilding our infrastructure, lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and ensuring our country embraces a safe, fair and legal immigration system, are issues the Problem Solvers Caucus made a top priority as well this Congress, and we look forward to working together.

Now extremists on both sides of the aisle have a choice to make: Will they adopt a willingness to compromise and ensure a legacy of greatness for our children and grandchildren, or instead, choose to play ‘gotcha politics,’ and guarantee the American people lose out on future opportunities? We sincerely hope they choose to put the American people first.”

27th District Congressman Chris Collins, a Western NY Republican released this statement:

“Tonight, President Trump called on all lawmakers to work together and to choose greatness. Under President Trump’s leadership, we have passed monumental tax and criminal justice reforms. Our economy is flourishing and American families have more money in their pockets, but we still have work to do. While President Trump is fighting for fair trade and the American worker, it is time for Congress to come together to strengthen our borders and fix our broken immigration system. Together, we can accomplish a greater America."

Governor Andrew  Cuomo, after President Trump called for legislation that would prohibit late-term abortions, said that:

"Tonight President Trump proposed rolling back the protections provided by Roe v. Wade — the law of our nation for 46 years affirmed and reaffirmed by numerous Supreme Courts.  Never. New York has a message to those who spread lies and fear to control women's reproductive health decisions: Not going to happen. Not now, not ever." 

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York,  had this statement: 

“President Trump has had years to bring this country together, but instead he has chosen to divide the country across every single line he can imagine. If President Trump wants to convince the country that he actually cares about bringing us together, then he can start by no longer using government workers as political pawns, reuniting the families that his Administration ripped apart at the border, and stopping with political wedge issues like telling women they can’t make their own health decisions in consultation with their doctor.”