Advocates for people with disabilities ask property owners to keep sidewalks clear

Feb 1, 2019

Credit WXXI News

With temperatures finally headed back above freezing, this might be a good time for homeowners to clear sidewalks of ice and snow.

Ericka Jones is an advocate for the Center for Disability Rights in Rochester. She uses a wheelchair to get around. She says this winter has been tough on her and a lot of other people with disabilities.

“Honestly it really only takes about an inch of snow for me to get stuck,” Jones said. “And that’s happened at least once or twice this winter.”

Jones says a couple of years ago the City of Rochester and the Center for Disability Rights partnered on an initiative called “Clear the snow so all can go” to bring awareness to the issue.

“They’re really holding property owners and business owners accountable for making sure that they shovel their walks so that people can use the sidewalks freely.”

Jones says she hopes everyone would be more considerate of her neighbors and clear sidewalks for everyone who needs it.

“Take a look around your properties, around your cities or towns,” Jones said. “If you see that there are piles of snow in the walkway. Or in a path of travel of some sort. Be proactive and do something about it first.”

Jones asks property owners to follow the law, and keep their sidewalks clear.

This story is reported from WXXI’s Inclusion Desk.