Adam McFadden pleads guilty to defrauding children's organization

Oct 9, 2019

Former City Council Vice President Adam McFadden pleaded guilty to new felony charges on Wednesday. McFadden admitted to defrauding and embezzling over $100,000 from a children’s community organization. 

Adam McFadden, left, and his lawyer exit the federal court on Wednesday.
Credit Noelle E. C. Evans / WXXI News

McFadden said that while he was the executive director of Quad A for Kids, he falsified invoices and receipts amounting to $131,163. Quad A is an organization that offers after-school programs for youths in the city.

"I understand that I caused great embarrassment to not only my legacy but my family, my friends, my Quad A family who I love dearly and who I would not do … uh, and I can’t say enough about the work that we’ve done and the things that we’ve accomplished on behalf of the thousands of kids and families that we’ve served over time," McFadden said.

Earlier this year, McFadden was removed from his position on City Council after he pleaded guilty to two felonies for wire transfers and fraud linked to the Rochester Housing Authority.  The RHA is a public agency that provides subsidized housing for people in poverty.

“For me, today was about getting back on with my life and my own personal journey," McFadden said. "I did something wrong and I’m owning up to the fact that I did something wrong.”

McFadden could face a recommended prison sentence of up to 21 months, or the maximum of 20 years. He will also have to pay a fine recommended up to $75,000, though the maximun could be $250,00o. Judge Elizabeth Wolford stated that McFadden would owe restitution to Quad A for Kids in the full amount that he had taken from the organization.

Three unnamed entities were also involved in the fraudulent scheme with McFadden, according to court documents. Sentencing will take place for all charges on Feb. 12.