AAA offers programs and tips to prepare young drivers

Aug 17, 2018

With students heading back to high school and college, September will bring even more traffic on area roadways, and AAA is stressing safety when school is back in session.

The auto club is offering its License to Learn program, which provides classroom instruction, driving lessons and the necessary materials for teen drivers to take the state road test.

Credit westerncentralny.aaa.com

AAA recommends teens get plenty of practice behind the wheel and be willing to accept instruction and feedback about safe driving from adults and driver education instructors.

Mike Formanowicz, driver programs manager for AAA, says parents can also help by dedicating several hours a week to practice driving with their teenager.

"Be patient enough to provide constructive feedback to your teen.  And when you're driving, certainly be a good role model.  Show the driving habits you want your son or daughter to exhibit," he said.

Formanowicz adds teens younger than 18 will need 50 hours of supervised driving and a certificate from either a five-hour course or driver education in order to sign up for a state road test.