2 students test positive for COVID-19 in Fairport; Lyons reverts to virtual learning

Sep 26, 2020

Credit fairport.org

Fairport school officials reported on Saturday that two students have tested positive for COVID-19, one at Northside Elementary School and one at Johanna Perrin Middle School. 

The district is working with the Monroe County Health Department, and contact tracing has been completed. In a letter on the district’s website, Fairport officials say that if families have not been contacted, there is no exposure.

Fairport school officials also note that the origin of positive cases continues to happen outside of their schools. They say that reinforces the importance of following health department guidance while on school grounds and outside the schools as well. That includes best practices such as mask wearing, hand washing and observing physical distancing.

Fairport reported a COVID-19 positive earlier in the month, and several area school districts and colleges have reported sporadic positive cases which officials have said they had expected.

Meantime, officials in the Lyons Central School District said that they have been told that a faculty member from the Middle/High School has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a note posted on the district’s website, officials said that at the direction of the Wayne County Department of Health, and out of an abundance of caution, the Lyons district  will transition to virtual instruction for all students beginning on Monday, September 28.

Lyons expects to reopen the school buildings for in-person learning on Tuesday, October 13.

And a notice posted over the weekend on the Clyde-Savannah School District website says that district will be unable to return to in-person instruction until further notice. Earlier last week, officials had said that they were temporarily shifting to online learning after a non-teaching staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

But Clyde-Savannah Superintendent Michael Hayden said in a post on Saturday that due to a lack of adequate transportation staff, that district will stay with virtual learning while it re-evaluates the transportation situation.

On Sunday, the Canandaigua Central School District announced that it has been notified by the Ontario County Department of Health that two of its students have tested positive for COVID-19. Officials say the origin of the positive cases happened outside of school since neither of the students have been in school during this school year.