18 Years for Ed Jones

Rochester, NY – The unlicensed driver who struck and severely injured a Rochester police officer when he suffered a seizure behind the wheel will serve 18 years in prison.

Ed Jones of Rochester was driving a car that clipped Officer Scott McLaughlin at the corner of Main Street and Clinton Avenue. McLaughlin was tossed through the air and suffered severe injuries that left him in a coma. The officer is recovering, but still suffers health problems and hasn't been able to return to work.

The driver -- Ed Jones -- was found guilty of assault in November. Doctors had warned him not to drive because his epileptic siezures weren't under control.Jones refused a plea bargain that would have guaranteed him a lesser sentence, and went to trial before a jury on assault charges. He argued that the siezure was an accident, and not under his control.

During his sentencing, Jones asked Officer McLaughlin's parents to accept his apology.

Jones will serve 18 years in prison because he's a repeat offender, with a prior assault conviction on his record.