$107 million proposal would upgrade Greece schools

Sep 26, 2018

Credit Reimagine Greece

The Greece Central School District is considering a $107 million plan to renovate buildings and fields in the town.

Kathleen Graupman is the superintendent and says the Reimagine Greece plan covers a wide range of departments within the district, from a new transportation facility, to turf fields and stadium lights, to fixing school lighting and new bathrooms.

“And then there’s other things like boilers and ventilation systems and things like that so, not super sexy but will a district of our size, just to keep up so that our buildings stay in good condition, we need to invest in them each year."

She said both being in this role and a lifelong resident of Greece, she wants the community to have pride in their schools, and these upgrades would help.

Graupman says the upgrades would not raise taxes, with the money coming from state aid and the districts existing capital reserves, but accessing the reserves would require voter approval.

Residents can find more information and voice their opinions online, or attend a public input session October second at Odyssey Academy.