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Jeanne Fisher

  • In this segment of StoryCorps Rochester, Joyl Clance interviews Herbert Smith about his work as a musician. They discuss Herbert being the only black musician in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the impact that playing trumpet has had on his life, and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on his work.
  • In this edition of StoryCorps Rochester, Sarah O'Brien and her mother, Beverly Badger remember her father and his battle against HIV/AIDS when it was a stigmatized disease in the 1980s.
  • In this segment of StoryCorps Rochester, Anthony King, Zakiya McAdams King, and Ruby Lockhart share a conversation about their experiences working together at "All Day Sunday", the longest running tenant of the now-closed Midtown Plaza and a cultural staple in the local Black community.
  • In this segment of StoryCorps Rochester, Tabitha Jacques talks to her friend and colleague, Susan Murad, about deaf art and culture, the De'VIA movement, and how the hearing community can be better advocates and allies to the deaf community. She speaks through her interpreter, Kira Avery.