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2 Voters On What It Was like To Cast Their Ballots


All right. Here now are a couple voices of people who voted yesterday. Helen Radcliffe (ph) of Bath, Pa., said her voting site was the busiest she'd seen it in decades.

HELEN RADCLIFFE: It's very cold. The wind is blowing, and the streets are flooding. Despite the weather, people were lined up and coming out, and I was just amazed.

KING: And then in Boston, 18-year-old Benjamin Gosserd (ph) voted for the very first time.

BENJAMIN GOSSERD: It felt like for years I was like just screaming into the void because like I couldn't opinionate and, like, debate all I wanted. But it actually had no weight when it came down to November. It was just so exciting to, like, finally be able to vote after, like, years of waiting.

(SOUNDBITE OF PORTICO QUARTET'S "DUST") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.