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RCSD Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small says the bus driver shortage is under control

Image from video provided by Rochester City School District

Recruitment for bus drivers for the Rochester City School District continues, but Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small says that all students currently have transportation.

“All of the routes are covered at this point but if individuals call in that’s going to a slight to significant delay.” Myers-Small said Wednesday.

The district had to delay the start of in-person classes for some schools due to a shortage of bus drivers that left over 300 students without transportation. The driver shorage pushed the community to come up with interim solutions, like providing kids with bikes or enlisting volunteers to drive kids to school.

The Take It Down Planning Committee and the Faith Community Alliance, two community organizations, gave the district until Wednesday to resolve the transportation issue. During a press conference Wednesday, they demanded having the National Guard come in to assist with transportation. 

Myers-Small said though all students are currently taken care of, they are still in need of qualified applicants; the district’s human resources office continues to seek out qualified drivers. 

“This is not just the Rochester City School District,” said Myers-Small. “It’s happening across the county, across the state, across the nation. The shortage still exists.”

April Franklin is an occasional local host of WXXI's Weekend Edition.