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New York Losing Residents to Other States, Census Data Shows

Nicolas Huk

A year-end census report shows New York is growing in population, but losing more residents to domestic migration than any other state.

The report shows New York at the top of the list when it comes to people leaving the state to move somewhere else in the country. From 2010 to now, over six hundred thirty thousand people have moved out.

Kent Gardner is the Chief Economist at Center for Governmental Research.

"One of the issues we've been talking about here for years is taxes."

Gardner says people may be leaving New York and other places like it, in favor of states with low or no income tax, like Texas and Florida.

Gardner says Governor Cuomo's recent economic policies (like giving state tax credits to companies in innovative industries like photonics, solar, and nano tech) are his way of addressing the issue.

"I think he's reflecting that reality and attempting to make New York a place where not only people want to stay but where they want to come."

Despite losing people to domestic migration, New York actually saw net population growth, due to high birth rates and international immigration.