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Local mall owner reports sharp drop in crimes

Eastview Mall in Victor
Eastview Mall/Facebook
Eastview Mall in Victor

Wilmorite, the company that owns the local shopping malls, is reporting significant decreases in crimes, including shoplifting, at Eastview Mall in Victor and The Mall at Greece Ridge over the last 6 to 12 months.

Wilmorite this week released details that report shoplifting at Greece Ridge is down by 42% and down 21% at Eastview. 

The company credits a combination of new technology and increased security and police presence. 

In 2021, Wilmorite said it teamed up with the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office to upgrade security monitoring at Eastview. The company said the program was so successful, that Wilmorite invested in a similar system at The Mall at Greece Ridge in 2023. The systems are both operated by local law enforcement agencies, which then work to identify and track criminals through multiple jurisdictions. 

Al D’Agostino is Vice President of Security at Wilmorite. He said those two malls use cameras and software to help track license plates in its parking lots, in case they come across people who have been involved in shoplifting incidents in the past. That information is then processed by area police agencies. 

“We put those in, into a software database, and when that vehicle enters the mall or comes down to our property, we are alerted as to where it came in, what time, what type of vehicle and then we take it from there, in conjunction with our law enforcement associates that are work there at the mall,” said D’Agostino. 

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Greece Police Chief Mike Wood said his department and mall security work together to help make it a safe environment for shoppers and mall tenants. 

“We need to work together,” said Wood, “and we do have a common interest in not only dealing with issues relative to preventing theft and arresting offenders, when we can, but also the issue of public safety, and having people feel comfortable to be out there that there's going to be a police and security presence, where needed.” 

Both Greece Police and Ontario County Sheriff’s Deputies, have a regular presence at the malls in their respective jurisdictions. 

Wilmorite said that the number of shoplifters being apprehended increased immediately after installing the new system.

Wood said that retail theft is a big issue nationwide and his police department wants to be proactive by working with the local malls. 

“The entire retail establishment, (there are) a lot of repeat offenders out there, we know about them, many of the big box stores, and a lot of retail environments know about that,” said Wood. “We share information, and if we can prevent things from occurring, we like to do that first instead of just apprehending them.”


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