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Monroe Community College considers layoffs of teachers

Emily Hunt for WXXI News

Monroe Community College is laying off an unspecified number of teachers. 

As first reported by 13 WHAM, a statement provided by a college spokesperson said that MCC, like a number of higher education institutions, experienced a decline in enrollment in the decade up to and including the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The statement said that MCC has “reached a period of greater stabilization” following the pandemic, and is now working to align faculty and staff to support the needs of the student population. 

MCC officials also said they need to eliminate reliance on the college’s fund balance to meet the needs of annual operations. 

The statement said that this is all part of a phased approach to “rightsizing” beginning with a reorganization to combine two divisions in 2022, eliminating administrative jobs, and then a voluntary separation agreement offered to some faculty members.

MCC said the latest announcement, part of ‘phase three’ will help the college adjust to available funding from the county and the state. 

Faculty who are affected by the layoffs will receive notice and at lease one full year of employment with MCC before any changes go into effect. 

A statement provided to WXXI News by the union representing full-time teaching faculty and professional staff, the MCC Faculty Association, said that the MCC Faculty Senate is engaged in ongoing discussions with representatives of MCC management to enhance cost savings without the need for layoffs. 

The President of the MCC Faculty Association, Bethany Gizzi, released the statement which said that while the union understands the need for cost-savings measures, it does not believe that layoffs are warranted.


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