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Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes will not seek a 4th term

A local Assemblymember says this current term will be her last. Republican Marjorie Byrnes of Caledonia, is currently in her third term in the 133rd district. She said on Tuesday that she will finish out her term in 2024, but will not run for a 4th term in November. 

Byrnes said her reasons for not running again are mainly personal; she wants to spend more time closer to home with her family and other loved ones. 

In terms of politics, Democrats control both houses of the legislature and the Governor’s seat. But Byrnes said despite the frustration some of her fellow Republicans have with the current setup, she feels she has occasionally been able to reach across the aisle. 

“We can try to affect some changes in the majority's bills,” said Byrnes, "but by the same token, that doesn't mean that on other issues that are very important to me and my district, like American Rock Salt, that we can't also at the same time, work together to advance common goals.” 

Byrnes is backing the current Livingston County Clerk, Andrea Bailey, to run for her Assembly seat this fall. Chair of the Livingston County Democratic Committee, Judith Hunter does expect her party to field a candidate and said the party is in the process of considering possible contenders. 

The 133rd Assembly District has a Republican enrollment advantage, especially after the last redistricting process. It includes Livingston and parts of Ontario, Steuben, Wyoming and Monroe counties. 

As far as Byrnes’ future in politics or community activities is concerned, she said that she will continue to be active in local issues. 

“We want to start a federation of Republican women's organization in Livingston County,” said Byrnes. “We haven't had one in a few years, we're going to get that going again. And I also think it's an opportunity not just to mentor women who are involved in politics, but guys also, (and) to mentor the next generation to be ready to move into leadership roles.”

Randy Gorbman is WXXI's director of news and public affairs. Randy manages the day-to-day operations of WXXI News on radio, television, and online.