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Workers' Compensation Board officials talk about coverage for 'long COVID' symptoms

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The New York State Workers' Compensation Board is continuing its webinar series to help workers who believe they contracted COVID-19 on the job.

Joe Cavalcante, the board's advocate for injured workers, said the webinar provides details on how and when to file.

But he said the "when" component is very important.

“Because you should be aware of the two-year deadline to file a workers compensation claim," Cavalcante advised.

During the board’s recent webinar, spokesperson Adam Rossi outlined the process for filing such a claim.

He noted that not all claims will be accepted, but there can be many benefits for those claims that are eligible for coverage.

"If you are experiencing long-haul medical issues due to work-related COVID-19, you may be eligible for free lifetime medical care,” Rossi said. “If you miss more than seven days of work due to work-related COVID-19, you may be eligible to receive lost wage benefits.”

Rossi noted one very important part of any claim is a PCR test showing a worker had COVID-19.

He said that other claim form details should include job duties, especially those involving public contact.

Rossi emphasized that workers’ compensation is a worker’s legal right that can’t be negotiated or signed away.

The Worker’s Compensation Board has more information on the state’s website.

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