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Semiconductor company AMD to add 70 or more jobs in Pittsford

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A California-based semiconductor company is expanding its existing operations in Monroe and Dutchess counties.

The company is called AMD — for Advanced Micro Devices — and it designs high-performance semiconductors used in cloud computing, data centers, gaming and personal commuters.

In layman's terms, they make the brains inside the computers — in Xbox and Playstations, Dell, HP and other laptops, in Teslas and other automobiles.

AMD began as a Silicon Valley startup in 1969, and has operations locally at Linden Oaks Office Park in Pittsford, where it currently employs 40 people.

The company first expanded here about 18 months ago, and now plans to add 70 to 80 jobs in Pittsford; 165 total across the state over the next couple of years. The initial investment is more than $3 million. In return, the state has pledged $5 million in tax credits.

State officials heralded the expansion as further cementing the state as a world-renowned hub of semiconductor technology. For perspective, though, it was only a couple of weeks ago that AMD announced a $400 million, five-year expansion in India promising 3,000 jobs.

Brian Sharp is WXXI's investigations and enterprise editor. He also reports on business and development in the area. He has been covering Rochester since 2005. His journalism career spans nearly three decades.