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Bello recommends reappointing Dr. Michael Mendoza as health commissioner for another 6-year term

Dr. Michael Mendoza is the Monroe County Health Commissioner.
Max Schulte
WXXI News file photo
Dr. Michael Mendoza is the Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health

Just days after submitting legislation to reappoint Dr. Michael Mendoza as Commissioner of Public Health, County Executive Adam Bello said on Thursday that Mendoza has accepted that offer to remain commissioner for another six-year term.

Bello said Mendoza is the clear and obvious choice to lead Monroe County’s public health efforts into the future.

``I can't envision a better partner to stand alongside me in advancing and enhancing the health and well-being of Monroe County residents,” said Bello.

Mendoza said that he’s humbled by the kind words, and Is excited for the opportunity.

He said that if there’s a silver lining in the pandemic, it’s that we’ve learned the necessity to work together to address serious public health concerns.

``The partnerships that we have formed with healthcare education, businesses, nonprofits, representing different religions, genders, ethnicities, and many other people in our community,” said Mendoza. “These collaborations will need to extend well beyond COVID.”

Dr. Theresa Green, president of the Monroe County Board of Health, issued a statement referring to Mendoza’s “consistent leadership, calming demeanor and commitment to following the science” which she said “undoubtedly saved many lives and instilled a needed sense of calm during extreme chaos.”

The legislature is expected to take up Bello’s referral in September to reappoint Mendoza as Public Health Commissioner.

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