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Rochester Mayor Malik Evans says he’s cracking down on illegal off-road vehicles

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ATV wheels

Summer is just a month away and the warmer weather has already started to attract all-terrain vehicle drivers to Rochester’s streets. Mayor Malik Evans recently told reporters that city hall is already receiving complaints.

“It is getting warmed up. I'm getting lots of calls, I'm seeing videos, we plan on enforcing that legislation that was passed," Evans said.

Dirt bikes, ATVs, and off roading vehicles became the topic of public debate last year following several fatal crashes in the city of Rochester. They were already banned from use on city streets when legislation passed in June of 2021 outlining penalties for anyone caught using them.

This year is no different. Evans said he shouldn’t have to force people to do what he says is “common sense.”

“Last year, a nine-year-old died because they fell off one of these all-terrain vehicles,” he said. “So what we're saying is that you will see enforcement as it relates to these four wheelers. Because they are not legal, and they are not safe.”

Violators of the law will get their vehicle impounded and pay $200 for their first offense, and up to $500 for subsequent offenses.

Vehicles seized in Rochester city will be impounded in Monroe County, which passed similar laws earlier this year, incurring fines starting at $500.

April Franklin is the local host of WXXI's Weekend Edition and a reporter covering housing and neighborhood issues.