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Foodlink and RHA deliver care packages to residents in need

Foodlink Curbside market parked
April Franklin

The Rochester Housing Authority has launched a program to bring much needed personal care and household items to their low-income residents.

The care package program is made possible through $125,000 in CARES Act federal funding and a partnership with Foodlink.

Melissa Berrian with the Rochester Housing Authority said the funding presented anopportunity to give

back to their residents, many who have struggled during the pandemic.

“As a public housing authority, we received our funds separate from the City of Rochester and Monroe County and this is just one of the ways we try to give back to our families,” said Berrian.

The boxes contain soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent and other items.

Credit April Franklin / WXXI News
Paul Loce recieves his care package from RHA employee at Chartlotte Harbortown Apartments.


Berrian said RHA reached out to Foodlink for assistance in getting itemsthe items to people in need.

“Foodlink was so generous, they procured the boxes for us and they’re working with us to deliver it, said Berrian. “This is not their main focus of business; they felt it's important to get this out to the families.”

Camille Verbofsky with Foodlink said the program has helpedFoodlink connect to thousands of people through their Curbside Market Program.  She said the organization is using its fleet of vehicles to deliver hundreds of packages to residents every week.

“It’s a little bit outside of our scope, said Verbofsky. “Usually, curbside market is delivering food but we really feel like this is a great way to partner with a great organization to reach people.”

The Housing Authority’s goal is to deliver 3,000 care packages by Christmas.


April Franklin is an occasional local host of WXXI's Weekend Edition.