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Joe Prude reacts one year after the death of his brother Daniel Prude

Max Schulte
WXXI News file photo
Joe Prude speaks about his brother Daniel Prude, who died in March 2020.


This week marks one year since Daniel Prude's encounter with Rochester Police that resulted in his suffocation, and ultimately, his death. Prude was in Rochester visiting his older brother, Joe, who didn’t learn the details of Daniel’s death until months later.

Police bodycam footage showing Daniel Prude the night he was restrained was released to the public in September, six months after his death.

Since then, the name Daniel Prude has been the subject of local protests, along with national and political conversations, on institutionalized racism in police departments and mental health accessibility. 

To Joe Prude, the name Daniel Prude is his “happy-go-lucky” younger brother. He describes Daniel as being competitive and a bit of a comedian.

“He would keep you laughing like a real jokester,” said Prude. “He would have given you the shirt off of his back if a person really needed it.”

Joe Prude said the past year has been a non-stop whirlwind for his grieving family. He adds that the grand jury decision not to indict the officers who were involved has also created a lot of tension among family members.

“They can’t understand why there were no charges brought forth…I can’t explain that,” said Joe Prude.

Shortly after the grand jury decision, Daniel Prude’s five children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Rochester.

Joe Prude says his family continues to rely on him to speak out, and he plans to continue to fight against injustices to keep his brother’s name alive.