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Voters have their say on primary day

James Brown WXXI

Today is primary day across New York state, and in Monroe County, people took time out of their schedules to vote right after the polls opened at noon. 

A little after 1 p.m., Kelly and Aaron Fraver stopped into the Ark of Jesus Ministries on North Winton Avenue to vote. 

Aaron Fraver said primary voting is important. 

“People take primaries for granted, so it’s a chance for us to tell the party who we want to be our designated party in the general elections,” he said.

Kelly Fraver said voting is about showing the next generation what’s possible.

“We have young kids, so it’s nice to show them that this is something that you’re able to do, and it’s your right, and like Aaron said, it’s our civic duty, so we want to set a good example for them,” she said.

One key race is for the Rochester Board of Education. Ten people are on the primary ballot for four seats on the board that runs the city school district. Keith Murray, voting at Wesley United Methodist Church on Dewey Avenue, said he hopes the election will turn things around. 

“If you read the paper or watch TV, the school district is not good, so we’re trying to get everybody out to vote so maybe it will make a difference,” said Murray.

At the Thomas Ryan Rec Center on Webster Avenue, Gwendolyn Brisbon said she voted to clean house on the board.

“I think that the school board needs to buck up, clean house, buck up, move some old people out, let some people with kids in the district and a little more experience with the younger generation get into office, and put forth a good foot for these students,” said Brisbon.

Polls are open till 9 p.m. 

James Brown is a reporter with WXXI News. James previously spent a decade in marketing communications, while freelance writing for CITY Newspaper. While at CITY, his reporting focused primarily on arts and entertainment.
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