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Wegmans offering free reusable bag if you trade in your old plastic ones

Randy Gorbman

Wegmans is trying to make the shift to reusable bags even easier with an event at their stores this weekend.

If you bring a plastic bag filled tightly with other plastic bags, to any Wegmans store, you’ll receive one coupon for a free reusable shopping bag.

Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale says they’re trying to get ahead of the statewide ban by banning plastic bags in their stores by the end of this year. New York state will ban plastic bags by 2020. She says they’re also doing the trade in to learn how they can help customers make the shift to reusable bags.

"They’re not just the best option for the environment but they hold more groceries without breaking or tearing and ultimately you require fewer bags per shopping trip than you would for paper or plastic bags,” she said.

Natale says they have seen an increase in reusable bags year to year since they introduced them to their stores in 2007.

Wegmans stores already recycle plastic bags that are brought back in to stores and Natale says they will continue that service for as long as it’s needed.

The bag trade in will happen at Wegmans stores from 11 am to 3pm Saturday. The limit is one bag per household while items last.