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Community project hopes to make intersection at Parsells and Greeley safer for pedestrians

Neighborhood residents took to the streets this weekend to make one intersection in the city safer for pedestrians.

You might notice the vibrant colors and extended curbs added to Parsells Avenue and Greeley Street

It was part of the Complete Streets Makeover Project by Reconnect Rochester.

Renee Stetzer is the Vice President of Community Outreach at reconnect Rochester. They took submissions from streets across the county, and chose this one because of the speeding problem in the area.

"There are lots of kids and families in this neighborhood. A lot of people who walk and bike and the behavior of the drivers who go through this intersection are more like what you would see on a big wide arterial road instead of a neighborhood street.”

Stetzer says also hope that the project inspires other neighborhoods to take back their streets.

Joe DiFiore member of Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition and lives right on Parsells with three children.

"I want them to be able to play in the front yard and I want to feel safe that if a ball goes rolling into the street they’re not going to get mowed down by a car that didn’t have time to stop because they were going to quickly."

He says cars zoom down the street on Parsells because it’s a straight shot between Culver and Goodman with any stop signs.

For the project, a large mural was painted in the intersection, and the sidewalks were painted. Curb extensions were also added so it’s more difficult for cars to speed around corners.