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Law enforcement continues to look for Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan has been missing since July 2007.
Brian Sullivan has been missing since July 2007.

Local authorities say they’re still looking for the remains of a man who went missing more than a decade ago, and they're hoping the community can help.

Brian Sullivan went missing July 8, 2007. He was just 19 at the time. According to the Monroe County’s Sheriff’s office, his red Pontiac Sunfire was found on Lettington Avenue, but authorities say they have no idea where his body could be.

Investigator Sgt. Scott Walsh with the Sheriff’s Office says they’re hoping to find his body to return to his family. At this point, he says, they don’t anticipate charging anyone who helps them.

Their main suspect, 49-year-old Derrick Murray, died in 2016.

“He’s still our suspect,” Walsh said. “He’s still the main subject, and we haven’t uncovered anything that would lead us in a new direction. And we didn’t release that until he passed because it was an active investigation and we were trying to put together the case.”

Walsh says Murray likely knew Sullivan from a tavern on Chili Avenue that they both frequented, but they don't know how Sullivan was killed or where his body was left, though they do think his body may have been since moved. 

“We have a family who has not had their loved one returned for proper burial,” he said. “We are invested in this with the Sullivans -- Barbara and Dan -- since the beginning. We’re in constant contact with them and it’s our sole purpose at this point to reunite them with Brian.”

Walsh encourages anyone with any information to call Crimestoppers  at 585-423-9300.