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Mayor Lovely Warren begins second term

Caitlin Whyte

Economic equality is the focus of Mayor Lovely Warren’s next four years.

Warren pledged her second term alongside her family and an overflowing Kilbourn Hall Monday afternoon.

She said pay inequity, divided down race and gender lines is something she wants to tackle.

She referenced a report by her office of innovation that said unfair wages are causing many with full time jobs to continue to live in poverty.

"We have started to talk to some community partners and look at it, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to work with them to deal with this issue and do a lot more research as to what is the issue what is the problem, and recognizing when you put the data in front of people. When the data is undeniable, that’s when change happens."

Warren said they also plan on creating an Office of Community Wealth Building to work alongside the Mayor's Office of Innovation to help build up citizens.

She said the event was also bitter sweet, reminding her of when she was first sworn in as mayor in 2014, at the bedside of her grandfather who passed away soon after.

But she said she is ready to work even harder for the city.

"I was completely in awe and I was completely humbled by the fact that the citizens of Rochester chose me to lead them once again for another four years."

In her speech, Warren referenced the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., asking the audience to be dissatisfied with her, until their goals are accomplished.