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Part of former mall to become Irondequoit Community Center

Caitlin Whyte

Inside what used to be the Irondequoit Mall, it seems like not much has changed. The playground is still in the middle of the building, store signs are up on the walls and the carousel sits in its window.

Here, near where Macy’s used to be is where the Town of Irondequoit plans to build a two floor, 50,000 square foot community center, with the help of $2.1 million of state funding it just received.

Town Supervisor Dave Seeley said the community center is essential for a town like Irondequoit.

"If you look at the 10 largest towns in Monroe County, all of them have either a YMCA/JCC type facility or public community center, we're the only one without one right now."

Irondequoit is the second largest town in Monroe County.

Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, an Irondequoit democrat, helped secure the funding; saying it will only improve the quality of life in the town.

"This will give an opportunity for young and old to come together, to continue to attract young families here, to continue to give amenities so people will stay for years and years to come."

The town is currently conducting a public engagement process to get feedback on needs and priorities, hoping to make the community center project a true community effort.

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Senator Funke said they want to hear what people really want to get from the space.

"I encourage everybody to be a part of the process here because it’s going to be your community center, those of you who live and love Irondequoit. It’s about your wants, it’s about your needs it’s about your ideas when it comes to the final product."

They hope to have a plan to review by the first quarter of next year.