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Parts of canal will soon see less trees

Town of Pittsford

Some changes will be hitting the Erie Canal in Brighton and Pittsford soon.

In order to maintain erosion and embankment security,  Executive Deputy Director at the State Canal Corporation John Callaghan says trees and brush along the canal must be removed.

"Large vegetation such as trees can have extensive root structures which could weaken the embankment, increasing a risk of failure."

Callaghan says there is no imminent risk to properties along the canal, but embankments need to be maintained to avoid possible flooding.

He says they are working with concerned, individual homeowners as best they can, but cannot risk safety for aesthetics.

"What some people have asked us about is how will this affect me? Which trees are going to be removed? Will I lose some of the shade and some of the privacy I've come to expect along the canal?”

The highest priority areas are primarily between Albion in Orleans County and Pittsford; crews are working from the west and should be making their way to our area in the next weeks.

Callaghan says some large equipment will be used to take down trees and chip material; followed by crews removing low lying brush and planting erosion control.

A meeting was held about the program on Monday night in Brighton.