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Field of Honor pays tribute to veterans, first responders

Over 200 American flags are currently waving on the lawn of Mercy Bridges on Blossom Road.

The weekend long ceremony celebrates and remembers the service of veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, EMTs and military members.

Linda Almeter is a volunteer coordinator with Mercy Bridges and says this is the third year of the event that means many things to different families.

"It’s a history lesson. It can be a time of healing; for example a returning soldier can come to realize that no matter what they've experienced, their family and community still appreciate them in a public way."

Each of the 242 flags bears a tribute tag to honor a local hero, prepared by family and friends.

Nationwide, the Field of Honor program was created to give people a place to mourn after 9/11.

Portions of the money received from those who requested flags goes to Mercy Bridges, an organization working to improve adult literacy.

But Almeter says it’s about much more than the money, it’s a sacred space.

"People can come to walk amongst the flags and read the tribute tags and learn about the service and sacrifices of their neighbors, and maybe share their own story."

Visitors are welcome Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday morning. A closing ceremony will be held at 2pm Sunday.