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Mistrial Declared In The Murder Case Against Charles Tan

TWC News

The 8th day of deliberations in the Charles Tan murder trial ended Thursday morning with a hung jury.  

The jury spent 12 hours on Thursday deliberating  into the night, before sending a note telling the judge they were exhausted and asking to be excused for the evening.

Judge James Piampiano said in court Thursday that he reviewed the law and said the  jury can be dismissed after so much time with no decision.

The 20 year old Pittsford man was accused and tried for the murder of his father, Jim Tan,at the family’s home,  this past winter.

The jury was not allowed to consider a lesser charge in this case, just the charge of murder in the second degree.

Tan remains free on bail. Another court date is scheduled for November 5th. The prosecution could opt to try the case again.