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Town of Richmond Hit Hard by Flooding

TWC News

Richmond Town Supervisor Ralph Angelo says hundreds of residents have been affected by the more than two inches of rain that fell there Sunday. That followed an already soggy early June and the buildup of water drove some residents out of their homes, and took out driveways and damaged roads.

"Last night I was riding around with our highway superintendent and every bad spot, he was putting out cones, and we put out 88 cones last night. It just tells you how many spots we have damaged in our town," Angelo said.

He said the damage from this flood appears even more extensive than what happened last spring in the Town of Richmond, when repairs totaled about $250,000.

"It's gonna hurt us real bad. It's gonna kill our highway budget."

Cleanup up help has arrived from other nearby communities in Ontario County, including Canandaigua and the Town of Seneca. Schools were closed Monday due to the flooding in the Honeoye Central School District.

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