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Sandy Frankel Running for Monroe County Executive

Monroe County Democrats have finally put up a candidate for County Executive. The former supervisor of the Town of Brighton Sandy Frankel announced her candidacy on Wednesday, as well as endorsements from Democratic Party Chair Dave Garretson, Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews, and Assemblyman Harry Bronson.

Frankel says she's optimistic about her run. She says she's focused on improving the state of childcare, fixing the county's financial problems, and improving infrastructure.

"There are just so many needs and opportunities to improve the lives -- the quality of lives of people in our county."

Frankel says she wants to create a more open government, a position that her republican opponent has also taken. She says the platform of integrity that Cheryl Dinolfo is running on was originally put forth by the Democratic Party years ago. Frankel says what ultimately sets her apart from her opponent is more experience.

"I bring 20 years of experience with real success, real results. Mine is not just rhetoric. Mine is actual accomplishments."

Frankel has run for this position before, against Maggie Brooks in 2011, and lost by a 14 point margin. She says she's not worried about suffering the same fate this time around.

"My pattern in campaigns has been run and lose, run and win. I've done that in three campaigns, having won fourteen campaigns over my political and public service career."

She says she will also use grassroots organizing in order to run a campaign that connects with the community.

Monroe County Republican Chair Bill Reilich released this statement responding to Sandy Frankel's announcement:

"The local Democrats’ lost their 'Anybody But Frankel' campaign with today’s announcement. Their party is stuck with Sandy Frankel when Democrat after Democrat chose not to run, acknowledging that Cheryl Dinolfo is the best choice to serve as our community’s next County Executive.

For months now, Cheryl Dinolfo has been sharing her vision for creating and retaining jobs, keeping property taxes flat and ensuring Monroe County government is the most ethical and transparent in the nation. Monroe County voters support that vision and will provide Cheryl Dinolfo a great victory on Election Day!"

Veronica Volk is a senior editor and producer for WXXI News.