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Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, April 14th


First hour: What does it mean to be a "river city?"

Second hour: Inside the music from House of Cards

In our first hour, what does it mean to be a River City? The mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota has some ideas. Chris Coleman has helped lead a revitalization in St. Paul, and he's coming to Rochester next week to lead a conversation about using natural resources. But first, he's a guest on Connections. We'll talk about the parallels between St. Paul and Rochester; we'll talk multi-modal transportation; and more.

In our second hour, the best television theme song ever might be the score for House of Cards, and the composer is an Eastman grad who is coming back to Rochester. Jeff Beal is responsible for the haunting score that has captivated the binge-watching House of Cards crowd (including the host of Connections). He and his wife are very much a team in life and in work, and their partnership began when they met at Eastman 25 years ago. We'll talk House of Cards, composing for television, his history in Rochester, and the big public event that will cap off his trip. In studio:

Jeff Beal, composer
Joan Beal, vocalist
Donald Hunsberger, professor emeritus of conducting at Eastman