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Coming up on Connections: Monday, April 6th


First hour: Rape on campus and the Rolling Stone retraction

Second hour: Monthly Science Roundtable

In our first hour: Rolling Stone has officially retracted their November blockbuster story, "A Rape on Campus." On Sunday, the magazine published a 12,000-word review conducted by the Columbia J School that took apart the many journalistic failures in the piece. The result? Victims advocates now worry that rape survivors will encounter more skepticism, less support. And that's a timely conversation; on Tuesday, April 14th, the Little is showing the documentary "The Hunting Ground." We'll talk about rape on campus, the Rolling Stone mess, and more. In studio:

Dawn Meza Soufleris, RIT Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Andrea Hickerson, RIT journalism professor

Then, in our second hour, CNN's Fareed Zakaria recently wrote that America has "an obsession" with STEM education that is becoming "dangerous." He writes that STEM education has become a rare bipartisan cause, but it pushes too narrow an educational agenda. Is he right? And why is it that we still see men far outnumbering women in engineering? Our monthly Science Roundtable will examine women in engineering and the drive to achieve STEM parity.